What is Nurse Practitioner?

shutterstock_256545661Nurse Practitioners (NP) are Registered Nurses (RN) who have completed graduate education and training in advanced clinical practice. NPs conduct comprehensive health assessments, diagnose health/illness conditions and treat and manage care within a holistic model of care. NPs can order and interpret lab and diagnostic tests, perform procedures, prescribe medications and consult and refer to physicians and other health care providers.

At Higher Health our care that we provide to an expectant mother is by a Nurse Practitioner. Care begins as soon as pregnancy has been identified, and continues until care is transferred to an obstetrician. Care includes physical assessments, the ordering and discussion of any lab work, ultrasounds, or relevant procedures, as well as plenty of time to address any questions the patient may have. Prenatal visits can take place in the comfort of a patient’s home, or at Higher Health Clinic. For the first 28 weeks of pregnancy, visits will occur monthly and then every second week until 36 weeks. When the patient reaches 36 weeks care will be transferred to an obstetrician. Higher Health Pregnancy Care welcomes and encourages partners, siblings and other support providers to attend these prenatal visits.