Types of Therapies Used

Naturopathic Medicine

Types of Therapies Used

Nutrition and Lifestyle Counseling

Nutrition and lifestyle are as important as the medicines we take. These provide the building blocks for the body and mind. Improvements in diet, by focusing on natural whole grains, adequate fruits and vegetables, and hydration, can create a harmonious peaceful internal environment. Removing unwanted toxic substances and poor lifestyle choices can decrease the stress on the body, and aid in healing. Using supplements can aid in the speed of this process.


Homeopathic medicine is a form of energetic medicine that acts on all spheres of an individual including mental, emotional, and physical levels. According to homeopathy, the disease state is a result of imbalances that exist in the individual. By focusing on the person as an individual the imbalances, and in turn the root cause, can be treated.

Drainage and Detoxification

Your body is constantly being bombarded with toxins that can accumulate in your system. Over time, these toxins build up and overload your system. This build up can result in many things such as mental fog, headaches, depression, infertility, PMS, severe menopausal symptoms, acne, cancer, etc. By working with you we are able to come up with a safe and comprehensive program to detoxify your body and restore balance.

Botanical Medicine

This field is dedicated to the study of medicinal and energetic properties of plants. Many pharmaceutical drugs are initially isolated from plants. However plants work best in their natural state, therefore providing effective treatment with minimal, if any, adverse side effects. Plants can be used to heal in many forms, such as herbal teas, alcoholic extractions known as tinctures, dried herb in pill or powdered form, slaves, essential oils and decoctions.