Rachel Leggett

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Rachel Leggett – Registered Massage Therapist

Rachel’s Bio

Rachel moved to Fort McMurray in May 2013 from a small town in Ontario where she was practicing massage therapy for 2 years. She attended college in Ottawa, Ontario where her passion for health care grew thanks to a few of her professors and their stories.

She was granted the opportunity to work the summer between her second and third years of school and gained some incredible real life experience to take back with her for her final year. She graduated in 2010 and then returned to the same clinic where she began working with people with chronic pain, injuries and certain disabilities.

Rachel likes to work with her clients to find the root cause of their condition and not just cover up the symptoms. Her treatments are based upon the needs of the client but mainly combine deep tissue and Swedish techniques.

” I love being able to see the impact of my work in my clients everyday life. It’s amazing to know you can impact someone’s life in such a positive way”

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