Our Promise To You

shutterstock_200278691Higher Health Pregnancy Care is based on the understanding that pregnancy and birth are profound experiences that carry significant meaning for a woman and her family. NPs ground their care in the principles of health and wellbeing, recognizing that pregnancy is a natural life process. Higher Health Pregnancy Care will provide you with care, which will enhance this important life experience. Continuity of care is one of the main principles that guides Higher Health Pregnancy Care. Nurse Practitioners will act as primary caregivers, which mean that it is unnecessary for you to see a Physician in addition to receiving their care. This aspect of care promotes a holistic approach, enabling them to get to know one another and develop a trusting relationship throughout your care so that they can best support you through this time. Another fundamental principle of Higher Health Pregnancy Care is informed choice. Throughout care, there are opportunities for decisions to be made regarding care provided, including screening tests, procedures and treatments. The NP will encourage you to be an active participant in the decision making process and will help facilitate decision-making by sharing relevant information and up-to-date research, as well as providing adequate time for full exchange of information and any questions that you may have.

Pregnancy_HeartHigher Health Pregnancy Care is care that is provided to an expectant mother by a Nurse Practitioner. Care begins as soon as pregnancy has been identified, and continues until care is transferred to an obstetrician. Care includes physical assessments, the ordering and discussion of any lab work, ultrasounds, or relevant procedures, as well as plenty of time to address any questions the patient may have. Prenatal visits can take place in the comfort of a patient’s home, or at Higher Health Clinic. For the first 28 weeks of pregnancy, visits will occur monthly and then every second week until 36 weeks. When the patient reaches 36 weeks care will be transferred to an obstetrician. Higher Health Pregnancy Care welcomes and encourages partners, siblings and other support providers to attend these prenatal visits.