Will I Still Need To See My Family Physician During My Pregnancy?
If you have a medical concern outside of the pregnancy, for example the flu or a broken arm, you should seek the care of your family doctor. You would still inform your NP about it, so they can continue to support you in a full capacity. A Nurse Practitioner has a defined scope of practice as set out by the College and Association of Registered Nurses. If any circumstance arises during the pregnancy that is out of their scope of practice, they will consult with other healthcare professionals immediately.
How Is a Nurse Practitioner(NP) different from a Registered Nurse(RN)?
Nurse Practitioners are Registered Nurses who have education and training in a specialty area that allows them to work independently. Alberta NPs have a broad independent scope of practice and are accountable and responsible for their own practice. NPs may practice in partnership with other health care professionals, like doctors, but they do not require the doctor supervision that Registered Nurses do. NPs provide a range of services to families and individuals of all ages, and can act as primary-care providers.
Is Postpartum Care An Option After I Give Birth?

Yes. Postpartum care can be provided to you once you have delivered your baby. NPs can visit at your home or in hospital regularly in the first few days to help establish breastfeeding, newborn care and confident parenting. This care is available to you for up to 6 weeks following the delivery, though the frequency of visits changes according to individual client needs.