Erin Zacharias

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Erin Zacharias – Mobile Massage Manager, Quality Control, Registered Massage Therapist

Erins Bio

Hometown: Meadow Lake, SK
When Erin started receiving massage therapy for injuries acquired in youth minor sports, a curiosity about the mechanics of the body was ignited. That spark has grown into a passion for the mind, body and spirit connectedness. Through education, insight and trusting her intuition, Erin left her previous career behind and pursued her dream as a Registered Massage Therapist. Erin believes the gateway to personal health and wellbeing is through body work. Identifying the stress we endure through our busy work and home environments is the key to finding relief from discomfort. Erin will combine Swedish Relaxation & Therapeutic Massage reflecting the individual needs of each person. Striving to achieve wellbeing through all modes of natural healing, we are able to open the path to balance.

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