Candice Burge

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Candice Burge

Candice Burge


Think you’ve lived in the North? Not as North as this gal! Candice was born in Dartmouth, NS but grew up in Deer Lake, NL. As she approached adolescence, her family moved to Cambridge Bay, Nunavut where she spent most of her high school years. While in Nunavut, she volunteered at a Day Care and was subsequently hired on, enjoying her time spent with young children as she herself was growing into a young woman.

After two years of general studies at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College, where she had hoped to possibly become a teacher, nurse or early childhood education assistant, Candice did what many women in Fort McMurray have had to do – she picked up her life and moved to Fort McMurray to be with her true love. After three years of love and work in Fort McMurray, she was met with another predictable fate for many Fort McMurray women – pregnancy and the anticipation of Motherhood! She and her partner were ecstatic.

They were overjoyed to welcome Joseph in September 2013. When Candice learned of the DONA Birth Doula Training hosted by Higher Health Doula Cooperative in Spring 2014, she was excited to learn more about birth. She attended with an open mind and an open heart. She was delighted, amazed and wide eyed at how much she learned through the process. Candice’s hope is to assist Mother’s in their journey of pregnancy and birth.

To guide them towards resources and information which support their personal beliefs and goals in obtaining the birth they want. She wishes to have the opportunity to gently remind women and their families of their decisions throughout the labour process, while remaining objective and supportive of their birth outcome. Candice loves working alongside our cities Healthcare providers and believes that positive vibes and communication in the birth room make all the difference in helping a family welcome their baby with confidence and informed consent.

In Candice’s free time she loves to entertain Joseph, always keeping her little man busy and stimulated. She has reached out in the community to other local Mom’s seeking friendship and actively attends Mom groups, where she supports women in their early years of Motherhood. An advocate for breastfeeding, she also enjoys discussing and supporting bottle feeding Mother’s.