About Lana

As a Registered Dietitian living in Fort McMurray, Lana has first-hand knowledge of the challenges that shift work and camp living presents to living a healthy lifestyle. Lana is a trusted expert in food, nutrition, and health. She is passionate about helping people make healthier choices by giving them the tools they need to make realistic lifestyle changes. Lana graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree, specializing in Nutritional Sciences, from the University of Alberta and completed her post graduate internship at the University of Alberta Hospital. She is a registrant of the College of Dietitians of Alberta.

Lana has over 10 years of experience as a Registered Dietitian and has worked in several hospital settings in England, the University of Alberta Hospital and the Northern Lights Health Centre in Fort McMurray. During this time, she has provided client education in such areas as: cardiology, neurology, weight loss, IBS, allergies and diabetes. Lana has also specialized in Eating Disorders at the Eating Disorder Program in the University of Alberta Hospital. She obtained her permit to perform psychosocial intervention in the treatment of disordered eating in 2009.

Lana is committed to keeping current with the latest research in regards to nutrition. She is eager to pass this science based information onto her clients, so that they can achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Email Lana and she can answer any questions you may have.